If people think you’re crazy, you’re doing something right – Brian Rose

Brain Rose has a very important message: stop caring about what people expect from you. Even better: If people think you’re crazy, you’re doing something right!

We’re actually pretty envious of this guy, because he got the chance to talk to so many great teachers. The good thing is: he has been sharing all of it for free with the world. Here’s a guy that brings you hope, but not in the salesy-buy-my-book-way you see a lot nowadays, but, well, real.  Go check out his interview with Fatboy SlimWyclef Jean or Jane Goodall

Like what he’s saying? Then you might want to check out the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Dan Pena on the subject.
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About Brian Rose

Brian Rose is the Founder & Host of London Real, the new media and transformation company best known for its weekly live video talk shows with the greatest minds on the planet that have been watched over 100 million times. Originally from California, Brian holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and moved to England sixteen years ago to be an investment banker in the City of London.

After finding success in the world of banking, Brian had an epiphany while staying at Richard Branson’s chalet in Switzerland: he hated his work, his life, and himself. So he resigned and created London Real. But it wasn’t that simple: his journey was fraught with self-doubt, peer-pressure, and life-defining struggles. (His story is chronicled in his popular TEDx talk below).

Since then London Real has broadcasted conversations with over 500 top influencers, released three feature-length documentary films, graduated over 2000 students from the London Real Academy, and become an internationally recognised brand known for the power of honesty, vulnerability, empowerment, and transformation.

Source: London Real TV

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